We are different

If you were to employ a Business Development Manager/Director on a full time salary, this is likely to cost anywhere between 100k€ and 150k€ per year, including charges and representative fees…. and there would be no guarantee of success, and yet another employee on the pay roll.
Who has never made any mistake in recruiting?

You could also appoint a consulting company that would cost anywhere between €650 and €1,200 per day, again with no guarantees of success and no on-going support. The only difference is that you could end the consulting contract soon …… only if you were sufficiently careful when signed it!

This is where we are different:

Our financial success is dependent on your success.

The majority of our fees that we earn are generated out of the improvements we bring to your business. Namely, the extra profits and turnover created by the implementation of our ideas. This is consulting with a difference as we see it as a joint venture with our clients.

There is never an issue over the ‘clock ticking’ on time fees, as our fees will be agreed at the outset.
Your goal is our goal. It is a true partnership contract or “associates.”
Because we will be working closely together, at JPC Conseil we are looking for owners with a strong desire to see their business grow and succeed.
All the rest is methodology and tools used.

Even in tough economic times, you can increase your bottom line!

Just imagine the market share that your business represents on the French or International market to get an idea of the huge growth space in front of you.

95% of French companies are SME’s. Your competitors are not large companies, they are not inaccessible!