Our job

Our job is to grow your business!

Since the consolidation of his assets to the sale of his business, leader’s goals may be highly varied.

The business owner may want to expand its sales, to explore new markets, to make acquisitions, to sell his business, to protect themselves from the attack of the competition, to maintain sales today or to prepare future, to ensure regular orders and a continuous activity, to increase the operating margin, etc..
All objectives can be considered. However, they must be clearly defined. Means to implement will not be the same depending on the status of each company and its environment.
Business strategy is depending on ambitions and orientations of the company.

Your Strategic Orientation Project

It must answers to three key questions:
1 – Where do we want to be in 3 years?
2 – What do we do first?
3 – How to measure the correct path?
It must be developed in collaboration with the business owner and his team.

To answer to these 3 questions we will focused on:

      • Market, customers, competitors
      • Strategic and commercial approach of the company
      • Means and methods of existing sales
      • Existing media plan and way of communication
      • Trade policy
      • Sales force and management
      • Sales administration
      • Etc. ….

Your Action Plans

In this step, the Strategic Fields of Activity, priority client groups to be developed and ways of implementing will be clearly set out. They come directly from your strategic approach.
In other words:

      • To identify markets, to select markets or market segment markets
      • Target identification (prospects / leads), targeting, selection, planning,
      • Identification and construction of basic tools for the tomorrow exploration
      • Identifying the specific know-how which will be the pillars of tomorrow
      • Translation of these know how in commercial proposal, sales argument, commercial speech
      • Your sales organization.
      • The partition of each player is well thoughtful then moved into action. Who does What and When?

Spend more ….. Invest!

An organization whose key word is Return on Investment in selecting resources.
There are many ways (and not necessarily expensive) of doing
For example, in ascending order of cost:

      • Direct marketing, prospecting campaigns, mailing, telemarketing, phoning, faxing, emailing …
      • Media Relations
      • Website optimization, sponsored links campaigns, buzz on the Internet …
      • Targeted promotional campaigns, technical seminars, specific events
      • Professional showroom, fairs, open doors, demonstrations, sponsoring …
      • Customer visits….

Drive your business, spend less!

Among the activities of the company, the sales activity is probably the one that is less controlled, less followed.
Because this activity takes place outside of the company, it faces to a specific environment that is not controlled, almost by fate.
Like the captain, the entrepreneur must have a number of factual indicators that will allow him to boost, correct, guide. In other words: to pilot.

For example:

      • Number of prospects turned into leads,
      • Number of leads turned into Customer “Market share”
      • Number of Inactive Clients “awakened”
      • Number of customers who have bought more increasing your turnover “Wallet share”

Control your business.

How many actions decided are spent in vain simply because a mailing was delayed or a show was not sufficiently prepared?
Appointments, communication actions, files, fairs, press briefings, press relations, trade shows, prospecting plan, loyalty program ……
Everything has been thought, planned! It must be deployed in accordance with the timing set.

      • To follow deployment indicators (Means control)
      • To follow Key Performance Indicator (Results control)