Keys to your success

The Alchemy Development Program is a proven process, tested for several years, generating growth in the short, medium and long term.
Alchemy Network is a whole of marketing, analytical and communication tools able to support your creativity and to help you in development assistance and business management.

Chance is when preparation meets opportunity! (Seneca)

Switch from reaction to Action mode, by planning your marketing actions within a well-known and controlled environment.
More than 400 methods and marketing campaigns focusing on seven key objectives as below:

7 Keys to Success

1. Number of Leads
2. Leads/Clients rate
3. Number of transactions per year
4. Transaction value
5. Profit margin
6. Number of referrals
7. Average buying lifetime

Every business is unique, so solutions have often to be specific and adapted to the  company. We can undertake projects that incorporate all of these 7 steps or specific one off business growth assignments. Each of the steps in our Business Acceleration Program is outlined in detail below.

1) Discovery

We carry out a comprehensive, detailed and thorough analysis using our Alchemy Business Growth Audit. The Audit’s purpose is to provide you and the consultant with a penetrating insight into the business and a road map to uncover opportunities and reveal hidden assets that may be quickly capitalised and refined.

2) Research and analysis

In this step we explore and conduct market, staff and competitor research using Alchemy Company Research Analysis. The Analysis worksheets will complete both your and our understanding of the business – We also review staff attitudes, positioning, opportunities in the market and competitor activities.

3) Workshops

Next, we’ll conduct our ‘Positioning Workshop’ with you and your senior staff using the Alchemy USP & Positioning Analysis. The Alchemy workshop technique is like no other. Personnel report it to be engaging, empowering and motivating as well as an extremely powerful staff morale boosting exercise.How are you different?

4) Instant Alchemy

Now we are in a position to start producing some real money by initiating our ‘magic money bullets’. These Quick Cash Strategies can produce spectacular and rapid revenues for you to immediately bank. You can imagine how impressed you will be when you witness our ‘conjuring’ of extra money from nothing.

5) Implementation

From the previous four steps we are now able to formulate and begin the work of implementation with a blueprint for future success. The Alchemy Action Plan is your road map for the strategic building, recovery and improvement of your business.
Here is your action plan over the next year!
Together, we can now drive the business forward.

6) Systemisation

‘Auto-piloting’ the business is an absolutely vital measure in the Process. Without this important step the business can return to its pre-Alchemy state. Procedures, policies and systems must be initiated so as to realise the true capital value of the business and for it to become ‘investor ready’.

7) Project Management

Here is the final step that sets you free from the day-to-day drudgery of running the business. The Alchemy Client Management Process puts in place the permanent success foundations and guarantees your success. Now you can, should you wish, decide upon your ‘exit strategy’.